Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time


OLIS Introduction

Olis (Open Source License Information System) is a site that aims to improve convenience for Open Source SW developers, expand the range of Open Source SW application, and contribute to development of relevant industry by providing a Korean version of domestic and foreign up-to-date information related to more professional license observances for Open Source SW being used (written/distributed) after being downloaded easily on the web.

Main Service of OLIS

1. CodeEye Counsel

Provide various types of professional counsel service related to legislation, policies, or contact relations based on Open Source SW license.

  • - Open counsel: Your inquiries are open to others, who can refer to or read them.
  • - Closed counsel: Counsel is not revealed to others.
  • - Chatting counsel :One-to-one counsel with an expert through reservation

2. CodeEye License

Provide a Korean version of 74 kinds of Open Source SW license certified by OSI after tested by domestic Open Source SW license experts, along with a summary and a comparative analysis table to make them understandable for users through analysis of how to use Open Source SW license and of its terms.

3. CodeEye License Inspection

Open Source SW license inspector service is a system to prevent possible icense-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of Open Source SW application and by effectively determining violation of license policies.

4. CodeEye Source Code Search

Source code search service is to search Open Source SW source codes possessed by OLIS in order to make contributions to use of open source SW having various advantages, including easy acquisition of up-to-date technologies, reduced period of development, expense cut-down, and prevention of technological dependency, and to development of the domestic software industry.