Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time


CodeEye Service

CodeEye ver 2.7.3

CodeEye Client Services download the Windows application.
It can be installed on users computer and used to protect the source code
This service is an open source SW license based on encryption (128 bits) and cryptographic communication.

Introduction of Inspector Service

Open Source SW License Inspector Service (hereinafter referred to as Inspector Service) is system to prevent possible license-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of open source SW application and by effectively determining violation of license policies.

Goal of Inspector Service

Use of Open Source SW is on the great increase since it can provide easy acquisition of up-to-date technologies, reduced period of development, expense cut-down, and prevention of technological dependency through free access to source code. However, as many developers use it indiscreetly due to difficulty in identifying various Open Source SW licenses and insufficient understanding, the risk of infringing copyright and causing disputes concerning the resultant legal responsibilities is on the increase.

The Korea Copyright Commission provides medium- and small-sized SW developers with a system to identify Open Source SW licenses, with goals of improving the understanding of Open Source SW licenses among individual developers and medium- and small-sized SW developers, preventing intellectual property right disputes in advance, expanding the range of Open Source SW application to development of national industries through creation of good environment for Open Source SW application, and making contributions to the relevant industry.

CodeEye Service Approval Procedure

Inspector Client Service, which inspects Open Source SW licenses through encoding (128 bit) and encoding communication to protect a developer's production source code, can be used by downloading and installing a Window application program in your computer.

CodeEye for Windows

Inspector Client Service can only be used by those users as OLIS members authorized by a manager in the authorization procedure after applying for "Client Inspection Account." Inspector Client Service can perform inspection by various options with Inspection Request Wizard as a stronger function than Web Service and designate a file unit or a folder to inspect without limitations to production source codes.

CodeEye Service Method

The CodeEye service is available in two formats: Web version and client version. You can request an examination account application after registering with OLIS and use it through the administrator's approval process. The inspection method is to send the source code to the committee server (which includes encryption) and then inspect it.

  • Open Source SW Copyright Dispute Providing 'License Inspection Service' to SW developers located in the blind spot of open source SW copyright dispute prevention and free access.
  • By providing various open source SW DBs, SW developers can enhance their technical skills and reduce development costs.
  • It expands the scope of open source SW by creating the correct open source SW utilization environment.

Introduction to Inspection Service

Open Source SW License Inspector Service(hereinafter referred to as Inspector Service) is system to prevent possible license-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of open source SW application and for effectively determining violation of license policies. CodeEye client service id joined to a member of OLIS. "checking account to the client" application, available via the approval of the administrator in the services. CodeEye client Service is by selecting the various options that can be used to inspect the more powerful 'check request Wizard' offers than CodeEye Web Services. In addition, without Imitation, copyright source code for the unit by selection the file or folder can be inspected.



License Inspection

- By chcking the similarity to the 500million Source codes collected in the DB, it checks if the user’s source codes have open source SW and what using licenses are.

GPL Document Search

- It tells GPL license the presence of development template to determine gpl license from user's search request source code has been checked to examine.

Binary Search

- It tells which license is used by comparing about 70 licenses with Extracted information from Executable files can not be seen Source code and Library files

Source Code Comparison

- it provides a funtion for users to compare their source code to find similar code stored in the Open Source SW source codes stored in Source Code Commission’s DB

Inspection Report

- Users can check test results in report format.

Web VS Client

- CodeEye Web Inspection Service is a service that allows users to access OLIS sites and inspect the license and use of open source SW for source code authored by developers. Only OLIS memebers have to apply for acccount to use the web inspection service. Inspection requests and its results a are found in “My OLIS > Insspection Management.” Upload file type is zip only and upload file size limit is 10MB (or 1,000 KB).

웹검사, 클라이언트 검사 비교 표
Type Web Client
Inspection request Single Language O O
Multiple Language O O
File O(.zip File only) O
Folder X O
Target Assignment O O
Encoding O O
Progress Progress monitoring O
MY OLIS > Inspection management
Canceled X O
Inspection Results Inspection summary results O O
File comparison (limited to 7 days) O O
Report O O
Report-Printed O O
Report-Export O

Notes and legal responsibility

CodeEye service procedures, targets, methods, and duration may be changed according to the Commission's internal policy (notified through the website, etc.), and in the case of Open SourceSW not built in the DB, no inspection is conducted and no legal liability is taken accordingly.